Doug and Tiffany met in Camden, Maine while they were both working at the Maine Media Workshops in 1994.  Doug had been flown in from the West Coast to revive The Resident Film program, and Tiffany had been running the photography studio at the school.  As God would have it, Tiffany was rerouted from heading to the Big Apple, and asked to stay on as a teaching assistant for this "hot shot" Director/Cinematographer from Los Angeles that everyone had been talking about.   As introductions were made at their first production meeting together, she was very unimpressed, but to hear Doug tell it, a lighting bolt flashed and the heavens parted upon Tiffany walking into the room.  Not knowing quite how to respond to this encounter, Doug sent Tiffany off to make lots of photo copies of the week's materials for the students.  Tiffany left thinking, "Great, he is so wondering why he got stuck with the 'photo chic', and man this is gonna be a long week!"  There had always been a silent rivalry between the film department and the photography department.

The next three weeks progressed from them hauling HMI’s, running cable, wrangling students, and doing camera demos to Doug doing her laundry, sipping coffee together in her small apartment and looking at photographs that reminded him of why he wanted to be an artist and filmmaker in the first place.  He had begun to fall into the Hollywood trap.  With eyes filled with tears, he knew in that moment sitting in that little apartment he never wanted to leave her side.   By the end of those three short weeks, Holy Spirit ignited a fire within her soul for a man that just a short time before had not made much of a first impression.  

Tiffany will never forget sitting with her father at a waterfront restaurant in Camden; sharing her heart with him about this man she had just met, and how she knew in her spirit that they were going to make films for God.  Within eight weeks of their meeting, Tiffany packed up all her belongings and traveled over 3000 miles with a U-Haul in tow to Los Angeles to be with Doug.  Then as the Lord would have it, a door of opportunity opened in Connecticut for Doug to take a full-time position at a film and television studio.   Tiffany had to decide whether to stay in Los Angeles working for a very prominent and revered still photographer, Douglas Kirkland, a position that very few get to attain, or follow this man she knew in her heart was set apart just for her in which she felt together they carried something greater than themselves... a seed of a vision.

Over the next nineteen years, they got married,  built a house, brought four beautiful children into the world, buried a father and a grandmother who was like a mother, saw friends come and go, felt the pain of deep betrayal of others, and worked on countless film, television, commercial, and advertising projects.  Still, they held to the vision set in their hearts.    In July 2012, a name was birthed for their film company.....InVicta Entertainment.  The word invicta encompassed the spirit and standard in which they desired to set forth in their company and in the films they would create-unvanquished, undefeated, undisputed, invincible…

Doug and Tiffany officially founded InVicta Entertainment in Spring 2014. With great excitement and exactly 20 years to the day from that very first production meeting where Doug and Tiffany met in Maine, they were loading up their gear to begin filming and working together on their first film project for InVicta, IDENTITY PROJECT.  Who does this?  Only a very big God who is a loving Father, and who is very interested in every detail of our lives, continually fulfilling His purposes and His plans in us and through us.  We have all been created for a purpose, on purpose, and to fulfill purpose.